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Please fill out the form below if you have any technical issues with your laptop or course. If you have questions regarding course information or content please reach out to your success coach for a quicker response on those issues.  



How To Troubleshoot Student Issues


We will email your orientation documents as soon as we get your completed enrollment agreement
back. If your start date arrives and you have not received Onboarding Part 2, please contact your
admissions rep.

They would need to submit a withdrawal request using the following link.

Refunds are based on time enrolled in their program according to the Refund Policy in the
MedCertify Student Catalog.

Of course! Send their information to their assigned admissions rep and let the rep know they are
interested in another program.

If we have not received payment yet from Army Ignited and they decide they want to switch
programs they would need to withdrawal from the program through Army Ignited website by
logging into their account and next to the program should have a request Withdrawal.

Once we receive funding for the Program, they original choose we are not able to just switch out their program. We are willing to work with them, but it is Army Ignited decision if the student can switch out a program for another one with us with the same cost. The student would need to reach out to Army Ignited by either creating a case or emailing them. They can go to their website, scroll
to the bottom left corner, and click on Create a Case. Log in to their account and submit the request. They can also email them directly at: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-aces-credentialingprogram@

They used their CA funding to sign up for this program. As long as they complete the program by
their Army Ignited end date, they will not have to pay the program fee back to the Government.


Go to the LMS:
1. User management
2. Edit User
3. Filter for the student using their email
4. Click user controls to pull up their page
5. Reset the password to ‘Learn@1234’
6. Make sure the box next to Force password change is checked
6. Click ‘update profile’

Look up the students’ labs in the lab portal. Let them know how many they’ve completed. If it still
shows incomplete, ask them to send a screenshot of what has been completed (once they are
inside the labs in their dashboard)

The labs are through a 3rd party and do not communicate with our LMS system sometimes after
they click the Practice lab course it automatically mar it as complete when it is not. To see what
they have done we can look them up in the practice lab report. The student can click on their
Practice Lab course, and it will lead them to all the labs and show what is complete and what is not

The student can send you an email with a screenshot of the issue they are having, details about it, the name of the lab, work or home computer, and web browser they are using.

Once they email you this information you will want to email Practice lab support at
. Then let the student know you have emailed support to look into the
issue and it can take up to 24 hours to get a response back. They can also email support directly
or call them 612-200-0993

[email protected]
Please look at the Practice Lab Support Document.

You will want to use the Measure-up template template to email them and also attach the Submitting exam simulator scores document.


Yes, if they changed their mind, please have them send their shipping address. Then you will email LihWen their shipping address and explain they changed their mind. We will email them the tracking information when we receive it.

They have 6 months to redeem your voucher after they have completed the program. If its past the
6 month mark, check in with Mary if they can still receive it.

Yes, if they chose the laptop as their scholarship, it would ship out after we receive payment from Army Ignited for their program. Once it ships, we will send them the tracking information.

If the student picked laptop for their scholarship but once informed the laptop has shipped, they
decided they wanted the exam voucher instead. We inform Lih-Wen and Mary and get this
approved. Once approved we are sent a return label to provide to the customer. We inform them
not to open the box and just attach the label and drop off with their local UPS. Once we are notified
that best buy has received it then we can update the enrollment and their profile on

It will also depend on if the student already received the laptop and how long they have had it.
Bring to Mary attention if this is the case.

The student can still receive the laptop you will need to get their shipping address and provide it to Lih-Wen. You will also need to note it and updated it in the system.

Live Mentoring/Support Team

Live Mentoring is available Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm EST- 10:00pm EST for everyone,
and Saturday 9:30am EST-12:30pm EST for IT courses.

The link to Live Mentoring can be found under the “Live Mentoring” tile on your account. It will also
provide you the days/times it is available.

It is recommended they attend so they can meet some of the coaches, get some general information on the instructors and if they have any questions about their orientation information they received.

Yes, we provide the link for the student to pick a different day, but most of the time the meeting is the same time of day. If they cannot make one of them, they can come to Live Mentoring Support:
Mondays, Wednesdays 7:30pm Est-10:00pm Est, or Saturday 9:30am est-12:30pm est. We can
also call them and go over what we cover in the meet your support team meetings. The coach can
go over what is talked about in the Meet your Support Team, and we can email them the
PowerPoint we show the students.

Students will have an opportunity to speak one-on-one with an instructor about any content related
questions, tips about the certification exam, or just to get to know the instructor. They will also be
able to talk with a coach about any technical issues, login issues, or any general questions.

If they have questions for the instructor, they can email us, and we can get it over to the instructor
to look into and answer and then forward the response back to the student. If it is a question a coach can answer the can contact us doing working hours to answer.

How To Troubleshoot Student Laptop Issues

  • Students may experience the following issues
    • No power to the laptop after trying to turn it on with the power button.
    • After unplugging the laptop, it does not power on.
    • Windows start’s up in recovery mode and is not able to reach the desktop.
  • No power to the laptop after trying to turn it on with the power button….
    • In most cases, you can tell the student to hold the power button down for 60 seconds, then release it…this should power the laptop.
    • If not, tell the student to unplug the laptop from the power adapter, hold the power button down for 60 seconds, then plug then the power adapter back into the laptop
    • If all fails, it could be that a CMOS battery has failed.  In that case the battery would have to be replaced by opening the bottom and locating the battery and then replace it.
  • Have the student hold the power button down for 60 seconds, release the button, then plug the power adapter back into the laptop and power it on
  • This could happen if Windows performed an update to the system and when the system was powered off and then on again, an error occurred and Windows resorted to this screen doing the boot process…never reaching the desktop…
  • Assuming that most students do not have a Windows installation CD to correct this issue…the solution is to re-install Windows 10/11 from a USB boot drive…created on USB Windows boot creation site.
  • Navigate in a browser to this website:
    • The student must have at least a 32bit usb flash drive available to create the boot disk
    • The student also needs a pc where they can download and create the usb boot disk
    • Choose Windows 10 or 11 to download to pc
    • Place the usb drive into usb port, then double-click the downloaded file to create the boot disk
    • Once the disk has been created, take the disk and place it into the error system’s usb port then restart the pc.
    • This will begin windows setup process…(in some cases the student may have to go to the BIOS and set the boot device to USB)
    • In the setup screen, partitions, tell the student to delete all the partitions they see and create a primary partition that includes the entire HD space.
    • Accept all default settings when going through the setup wizard.
    • Once at the desktop, this will complete installation of Windows 10 or 11.
  • If student is having trouble accessing LMS via Microsoft Edge browser, they can download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox…
  • So these are the most common issues that has arose historically.

–If any other type issue arises, just send them my way for troubleshooting.

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