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Air Force Credentialing Assistance

Career Academy is an approved provider of the Air Force Credentialing Assistance Programs. These programs help United States Air Force personnel obtain industry-recognized credentials listed on the CA website, improving their competitiveness and career prospects. The programs offer educational benefits that cover books, supplies, and associated materials for approved training courses and exams. They also assist members in obtaining professional certifications, licenses, and other credentials that enhance their military careers and post-service employability.

How to proceed with CA Funding:

Confirm Eligibility

  1. Current Passing Physical Fitness Assessment
  2. No Unfavorable Information File on record
  3. Not on a Control Roster
  4. No Referral Enlisted Performance Report on record
  5. Must be enlisted with a minimum of an awarded 5-skill level in the Primary AFSC.
  6. ANG and AFR members must be on U.S. Title 10 or Title 32(502)f active duty orders.
  7. Credential must be completed prior to out-processing and while member is on active status.

Register The Programs

  • Learn about the certifications offered.
  • Find the program that is right for you.
  • Get started on your education.

Latest News & Articles

Dive further into information about Army and Air Force COOL, MyCAA funding options. You can also learn more about our IT, Cyber Security, Project Management and Healthcare Certification programs. 

Live Virtual Classroom

Enjoy a learning environment that allows for live interaction as you are progressing through your training and hands-on labs.

Total Flexibility

Flexible live online class schedule combined with on-demand training gives you ultimate control of your learning experience.

Elite Online Instructors

Our live instructors guide you through the training and assist you with your hands-on labs during the virtual classroom sessions.

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Which IT or Cyber Security Credential are you interested in?
Which Project Management Credential are you interested in?
Which Lean Six Sigma Credential are you interested in?
Which Logistics Credential are you interested in?
Which Healthcare Credential are you interested in?
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