Personal Trainer Certification

The goal of this program is to prepare you for a long-lasting and fruitful career as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT); regardless of your educational and career background. With this program, you’re given all of the tools and resources needed to become a successful fitness professional and positively impact your client’s health and wellness.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Identify and adhere to applicable professional standards and codes of conduct including business
    and professional development practices.
  • Recognize and apply exercise psychology and behavioral coaching techniques for a wide variety
    of clients.
  • Identify concepts and structures of anatomy and physiology, human movement science, exercise
    metabolism, nutrition, and supplementation.
  • Select, perform, and interpret results from a client fitness assessment.
  • Provide instruction and demonstrate proper exercise techniques for clients.
  • Design client-specific exercise programs based on assessment results and client abilities.


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Program Duration

6 Months

Program Courses

Diet & Nutrition
Physical Activity Continuums
Fitness and Wellness
Client Relations

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