Military Spouse Careers: Skills you already have for the Workplace

Military Spouse Careers: Skills you already have for the Workplace

As a military spouse, you are a great opportunity for hiring managers seeking to recruit talent with archetypal qualities, skills, and characteristics. Whether you stay at home, go to school, or work, every day you develop abilities that boost your career prospects. Here are four skills and traits you likely already have as a military spouse which you can apply in the workforce.

  1. Flexibility.

Frequent moves by an active duty spouse are the most obvious ones. When you have to pick up your life, move to a different location (country or state), enroll kids in school, secure housing, and find a job, makes you learn a thing or two. This helps you understand the value of time management, organization, and planning, which are necessary skills used by a successful CEO. Frequent moves will make you develop an interest to discover new military spouse career prospects while inspiring you to adapt to the different environment.

  • Ability to Work under Pressure.

When you go to bed each night not knowing when your spouse will be called in for duty, or when he/she will return home, wondering if you will put to birth your first baby without you having him by your side… you know a thing or two about staying calm when things go south. You rise in these situations because you understand life happens. This isn’t a trait you learn in school but a lesson that life thought you. Remember, being a military spouse offers you plenty of opportunities to refine this trait or skill. Being a military spouse is a high-value asset. It exposes you to difficult situations and helps teach you how to navigate under stressful circumstances.  

  • Multi-task and Project Management.

Every week, a military spouse manages a unit gathering, homecoming, household finances, and more. They have a keen competence in managing dissimilar activities. However, if you have survived from a PCS, then you possess the managerial skill. From scheduling moving, organizing, packing, shuffling kids, living on jalopies, and crafting a home ground up, gives you the ability to multi-task on different projects at once. 

  • Problem Solving.

Military life boosts your creativity and efficiency when exploring new environments. It makes you self-sufficient and resourceful. Because of situations like relocating to new areas and having to search for new schools, childcare providers, or a home, make you a problem solver. Being able to identify problems and find solutions is a unique skill acceptable by the workforce.


Employers who seek resilient and committed talent should consider employing military spouses. The stress of the unknown, the pressure of managing complex life tasks without partner, and multiple relocations make military spouses highly resilient, adaptable and committed. These abilities add perfect value to the civilian workforce.

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