10 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician

10 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are an integral part of the healthcare system. Pharmacy technicians play a vital role in the pharmacy through filling prescriptions, troubleshooting medication issues, helping patients, and much more. If you are struggling to pick a career or looking for a change, consider these ten reasons why you should become a pharmacy technician.

1. Great job prospects

As a pharmacy technician, you will almost always be able to find work. Now more than ever, pharmacies and healthcare systems are seeking technicians. Specifically with the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacies have the added work burden of providing and administering vaccines. Additionally, the aging Boomer population means that more people are going to need more prescriptions. With this increase in work comes an increased demand for healthcare professionals, specifically pharmacy technicians.

2. Patient interaction

While many people might believe that pharmacy technicians only count pills, technicians also interact with patients frequently throughout the day in the retail setting. Whether it be checking someone out, entering in someone’s prescription information, or troubleshooting a medication issue, you will have the opportunity to help others every day.

3. Satisfactory work

The patient interaction and care that pharmacy technicians provide make the job incredibly rewarding. Each day you will be doing work that is promoting the health and wellness of others. Many people coming to the pharmacy may be sick in some way. By providing your services, you are making their health journey just a little bit easier.

4. Ability to work in multiple settings

Many people think that pharmacy technicians can only work in retail pharmacies. The reality is that technicians can work in multiple different work environments, and each one is different. You can work in a traditional pharmacy, hospital, specialty care pharmacy, or even in certain administrative roles. The varying career options means you can try different settings to see which one is right for you.

5. Ability to work anywhere

You can find pharmacies practically anywhere in the world, as people are always going to need medications. That being said, you can work basically anywhere you would like as there will likely be a pharmacy nearby.

6. Simple and affordable certification

Unlike other healthcare careers, becoming a pharmacy technician requires minimal education. In fact, you could become a certified pharmacy technician in less than a year. Some pharmacies offer on-the-job training, while others will require you to enroll in a training program. Either way, you will be able to garner the skills you need to succeed quickly and relatively easily.

7. Flexible hours

Depending on the setting you work in, you will be able to work at various hours throughout the day. Hospital pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, and even certain retail pharmacies are open through the night.

8. Career advancement

Your career does not have to stop at just being a pharmacy technician. After getting some experience under your belt, you may be qualified for other roles. These include but are not limited to lead technician, intravenous (IV) technician, or technician supervisor.

9. Ability to work on a team

As a technician, you will work alongside pharmacists and other technicians. This provides a supportive and interactive environment for you to learn and grow within your role.

10. Ability to learn valuable and transferable skills

As a pharmacy technician, you will learn skills such as time management, multi-tasking, communication, and critical thinking. Such skills are important in any career. Likewise, your background as a technician will allow you to pivot into other roles or careers if you so choose.

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